Legal Disclaimer

The service and software provided by kidstrackingactivity are intended solely for lawful and legitimate purposes, specifically for the monitoring and safety of children or the authorized monitoring of company-owned devices with written consent. Users are hereby notified that any use of kidstrackingactivity's software or service for unauthorized or illegal purposes may violate local, state, and/or central laws.

Authorized Users is designed for ethical monitoring by parents concerned about the safety and well-being of their underage children, or by employers who wish to monitor company-owned smartphones during working hours, with explicit written approval. The user must own the smartphone, be a legal guardian, or have consent from employees before installing and activating software.

Prohibited Uses software must not be used for stalking, spying, harassing, defaming, threatening, abusing, or pranking anyone.

It must not be used to monitor the smartphone of a spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, or any individual aged 18 years or above, without their prior written consent.

Legal Consequences

Attempting to use software to monitor a smartphone without ownership or appropriate consent may result in serious legal violations. will cooperate fully with enforcement officials, disclosing user identity and/or blocking access to services in such instances without prior notice.

Liability and Misuse software bears no liability for any misuse or damage caused by its use. Users are responsible for complying with all applicable laws and using legally, without infringing on anyone's privacy.

User Responsibility

Users are solely responsible for ensuring legal use of It is the user's responsibility to adhere to all applicable laws and regulations. will not be held accountable for any illegal use of the software or service. By downloading, installing, or activating, users acknowledge that the software assumes no responsibility henceforth.


By purchasing, downloading, installing, or activating, users agree to abide by the terms outlined in this legal disclaimer, ensuring ethical and legal use of the software.